Proofreading Policy

Check ALL Supplied Designs

It is imperative that all clients proof read their designs carefully. We are constantly proofing designs for many clients at a time which means it is up to you, the client, to ensure that all spelling, dates and layout of your design is correct prior to production.

We will provide you with the final design file for approval and it is up to you to ensure accuracy of ALL names as this is the file that is used for laser cutting.

We do not print files unless they are approved by you. 

Silver Belle Design is not responsible for any errors or typos that were approved by clients during the proofing process.  With this in mind, we recommend thoroughly reviewing each proof to ensure all information is presented correctly.  A second set of eyes is always recommended when reviewing your proofs!

If your received product does not match the final proof approved for print, we will accept full responsibility and will reprint any and all necessary items free of charge. 

If you have a question regarding our processes, please contact us using the form below.